Hello! Thank you for entering at Grammar tips.  English have to be learned  with a detail grammar knowledge, that’s why practicing and learning grammar efficianly can help us to crate amazing bases in our English.  In order to help you study english grammar, here are 10 basics tips for learning and practicing grammar.  Hope you can find

1. Read

Read as much as you can in English. Read newspapers, books or journals in English that are just above your current level of understanding. This will help to learn nwe vocabulary, expressions or phrases. Even by spending 10 mutudes a day, your skills can improve a lot. Also you can use audio books, so you

2. Movies

As a films fan, I recomend watching a movie, documentaries, TV shows or any film in English.  Try  watching the films in English with subtitles in English too. You’ll can learn vocabulary and pronunciation. Also with movies you can learn the real language and  english words in context. The more interesting the movie or documentary, will be easier

3. Music

Anything better than sing out loud your favorite songs? Look up your favorite songs lyrics and learn them. Try to sing out loud and try to pronunciate each word correctly. This will help your vocabulary and pronunciation incredibly.  Besides, practicing with music can help you to learn urban  expressions and words used informally. Listening English always improve your our

4. Mistakes

Pay attention to common grammar mistakes. You won’t move forward in grammar if you keep making the same mistakes. Try writting personal speeches onece in a while. Use all the new grammar that you’ve been learning and identify the mistakes you make the most, pay attention to those mistakes and practice as much as you can. Here are some exercises

5. Talk In English

Speak in english as much as possible. Either when you’re in class or by yourself, try speaking in english. If you do not have someone to talk with, try reading out loud something in english , or,  why not? speak with yourself.  This will not only help you with grammar, but will help you build up confidence and

6. Use technology

Why not use technology to our advantage? Almost everyone have a smart phone, tablet or computer. Get language learning apps on your equipment, many of them are free download. That way you’ll can practice your grammar everywhere you are and whenever you want to! And remember; practicing everyday makes the master.  Some fantastic apps: https://www.memrise.com/  –  https://www.busuu.com/mobile –   https://es.duolingo.com/