7. Think in English

Try to think in English in every life situation. You can count the bus coins in english, for example, or make you shop list in english. Another way for practicing this is keeping you personal diary or journal, write about histories, interesting topics or wharever thats going on on your head. That way your brain will get used

8. Dictionary

The first step is to learn how to use a dictionary properly. Dictionary  is a great tool for english learners when it is used in a right way. You can use it for helping yourself with readings, movies, or just to learn new vocabulary. The more doubts you clear up, better will be your imporvment.  You can find some intructions

9.Learn the Irregular verbs

You can start with the most common ones, with time you’ll can learn the major of those verbs. To Learn this vebs and their conjugations will be useful for understand and use english better. Also you’ll can express yourself better with verbs knowladge. Try practicing with sentences in past and present perfect for example, that way

10. Practice every day.

Practice everything you learn. Use what you learned speaking in class and speaking by yourself.  Try to find some topic in wich you can use the grammar learned. Also, a good idea is to search for extracurricular activities, like games or online practices that entertain you. Practice makes the master.  You can find practice on multiple topics